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23 September 2009 @ 05:49 pm

I always think of things I want to write in LJ about, but then when writing time arrives, I'm all like . . . eh. 

One job rejection, the other one has not returned my call.  We will see, on that front.  I'm incredibly torn right now--do I keep doing what I'm doing and apply for jobs, do I go 100% with the law firm, or do I change careers?  No one has an answer for me, but I wish someone did.

We all know I have a short fuse, but you will all be SO PROUD to know that not only have I bitten my tongue on political rants (until I know I can write them kindly enough to be part of my series of helpful tips for liberals--because yes, I'm often interested in improving the quality of the debate more so than winning it.  No, I'm not joking, either.  I honestly think it might help someone to understand how the other side perceives them) but I have even not gotten involved in DRAMA.  Seriously.  I want to OH SO BADLY, but I know it would just be bad, and I'm listening to that little voice telling me to STAY OUT.  So, yeah.  I'm happy about that. 

We went to a Flyers preseason game last night.  I love our new defense like whoa, but Ray Emery?  Not a fan yet.  I want Marty back.

I need a Halloween costume, but I'm am poor and don't have the time to make one.  I wore my Prince of Tennis track suit last year, so that's out.  I guess I could wear my Bleach shinigami kimono.
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Goodbye My Boygoodbyemyboy on September 23rd, 2009 10:35 pm (UTC)
Personally, I spent about two months applying and waiting on people before I realized I'd be better off putting all my time into the writing stuff, even though I'm making a lot less than I would be in a regular job. There's just a point where you have to cut your losses. I don't know how much money you can make with the law firm, though. (Full disclosure: I make less than $500/month right now.)